C Program to Find the Number of Vowels, Consonants, Digits and White space in a String

int main(){
char line[150];
int i,v,c,ch,d,s,o;
printf(“Enter a line of string:\n”);
if(line[i]==’a’ || line[i]==’e’ || line[i]==’i’ || line[i]==’o’ || line[i]==’u’ || line[i]==’A’ || line[i]==’E’ || line[i]==’I’ || line[i]==’O’ || line[i]==’U’)
else if((line[i]>=’a’&& line[i]=’A’&& line[i]=’0’&&c<='9')
else if (line[i]==' ')
printf("Vowels: %d",v);
printf("\nConsonants: %d",c);
printf("\nDigits: %d",d);
printf("\nWhite spaces: %d",s);
return 0;

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